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Warning: If you have not read, Yes this is a lemon. If you do not know what "lemon" is in this meaning please make sure for you wont get confused on what is happening throughout the Fanfiction. Reminder to not criticize I can clearly figure out the mistakes I have displayed. ಠ_ಠ I will eat your face.The lemon will happen in a few other chapters.

It was a gloomy regular day sailing in the oceans sea's just for me it felt lonely,fighting my days off with that damn Spaniard could get me nowhere but this is the pirate life for me. Was this way of living really for me?,Do I regret it?ーSubmitted day 1♣
Arthur Kirkland.

I hate living this way, left to eat the scraps of nature, its rather dry out here, the water as salty as the fish I ate the other day, That's the only thing I could eat to keep me alive. Have you ever felt so alone?ーSubmitted day (?)
Alfred F. Jones

Scammed CH.1

Arthur Kirkland a captain of his own ship,The leader who gave out all commands,"Aye!, we 'bout to set sail soon!,best be getting ready to drop the anchor,mates!" Called out Arthur. He had planned to find some treasure today on his way back from James Town. Briefly only a few of the people whom had been on another ship died from his massive power, some would even call him The son of a Pirates booty, but he didn't quite enjoy being called that.The crew nodded getting there way over to the anchors rope,one on each end of the deck, The ship was quite big for the little bit of members who had sailed along with the British man.

A little boy who had been half the size of the man went up to him holding a bucket and a mop, A curl drooping over his head with a poor weak smile on his face," I-I cleaned up the Cabins like you asked Captain Arthur,sir."The poor boy said looking up to the other, Legs shaking in a nervous manner. This boy was Matthew, He had worked for Arthur quite a while now soon enough he'd be thrown away like the rest of them.

"Good boy now why don't ye go clean the the piss buckets~"He smirked a bit as he said that looking at Matthew straight into the eyes like emerald daggers,"Y-yes Captain- sir uhm, ok!" The boy ran off to do what he was told, he hated his job but had to do it unless he'd be live feast for the few cannibals whom were on the ship,Arthur was cruel- well you can say bad ass in a way but still filthy disgusting and down right stern at times, well that's what makes him,him. Arthur stepped up to the wheel looking around and lifting up his large hat to see the clearing of the sky," still gloomy ain't it...same as always"He mumbled to himself as he turned the wheel to its right making the whole ship turn and the boy who was at the piss bucket shove his face into it- yep poor Matthew.Matthew pouted now having a face filled of man urine which burned his eyes,he rubbed it but the more he did it hurt like hell, burning fire to the eyes.

The ship was almost ready to have to say,"Land ahoy!" from far off seeing there was a island that was blurred out from the fog," Everyone!, get ready to be droppin' the anchors!"Arthur commanded for his crew," Aye, Aye Captain!" said deep like and rough voices, as they came closer the man had pulled as hard as they could to make the anchor sink into the deep blue. BAM, the anchor dropped as quickly through the water because of the weight it held. Now that they had reached there destination Arthur pulled out this sort of scroll, more like a map in a way but very up to date,as if nothing he hopped of the ship rolling onto the sand, the other members of the crew followed along, walking next to the Captain, Arthur of course.

"Alright lads!, ye all have to split up this is going to be a bargain of our time spent"He gave out a sigh before looking at two from within the crew,"both of ye, go off into the west direction of this place!"Then off to the other 4 of the crew he said,"four of ye,...hmm..lets see bout this, Why don't ye all go keep little boy in the ship some..."company" " he chuckled before resuming to look for the treasure. The four nodded understanding what he meant by that and went to the ship taking out their swords- as said, they all have got to go.

Arthur was looking at the scroll in his hand as he walked not paying attention to surroundings- Or that American whom was buried underneath the hot sand?- Thump .
Arthur's foot hit something,or rather someone. Just to look down he saw a blonde-like haired young man,who looks like he was ragged around and beaten, but why?

The Brit decided to kick the young man over a bit now his face turning right side up,"hnn-." The young man mumbled,"P-please..don't hurt me...any m-more..."He said weakly, Arthur raised an eyebrow,"Huh? hurt you but I haven't done a-..wait a tick, Are you a survivor  from what happened on this island right here?"He questioned the almost near to death man.

"I-..yes..f-for now at least"He started to sit up with sand rolling from off of him,now looking up at Arthur whom stood before him, His blue eyes suddenly went wide and began to feverishly back away," P-pirate!-" "I'm a captain if you'd excuse me and why so scared?" He laughed a bit at the others behavior," Come on 'lil lad don't be scared if ye are, I won't bite "

If you're wondering the young man in the sand had been Alfred, Alfred F. Jones to be exact.

"N-no get away from me!, you stupid pirates- well not you but another almost damned there killed me ya know!"He coughed a bit now covering his bruised up mouth,Glaring at the Brit.
Suddenly the Captain lend'd out a hand towards Alfred," come..come with me and ye don't gotta stay here and rot" A smirk was hid underneath a warm smile, now that he got rid of that little lad back at the ship, now was time for a new one.
"What?- but..fine- th-thank you"He put his hand out for the other now shaking it,"Only for this one'll be my personal slave"his emerald eyes flashed.

"Yes, whatever it takes to keep me from dying.."The American said without thought at what the English man said, now agreeing to be a personal slave to him.

Would this turn out to be a good or bad thing?,'ve been fooled.

By: PluScoot/ Ask2P-Matthew / AskAlfredF-Walrus,  
Thank you for reading, the next chapter will be up soon. this took me hours to write between time of me doing work.
Sorry for the shortness.

You can contact me on the other two DA's above, what do you think will happen next?
:iconpluscoot: Well I kind of wanted to try something new since my story skills have gone up and have came up with more idea's and please don't judge about grammar and all i'm just trying to get it right, right about now so I guess here it goes!

Oh btw Pirate!Uk X Us

UkUs- Basically instead of UsUk ( Which I find quite weird considering Arthur is older than Alfred which would make....Alfred a young pedo? XD LOL JK But anyways yea it'd be Arthur X Alfred/<<Older nation >>England X<<Younger nation>> America. Makes sense don't it?

I figured that there's not much UkUs Fic's so I thought i'd try it out *Loves UsUk/UkUs.

Oh and for people who hate the "Pairing" just because you find them as a Father to son relationship PLEASE Do not rant about it here, I do respect that but its not actually as if they are real people for sake's we live in them.

:iconenglishflagplz: X :iconamericanflagplz: <-- Look Alfred's bigger. :icontrollfaceplz:

Now off to reading m'dear perverts and fellows!

© All rights go to the owner of Hetalia for the characters.
® For the story written goes all rights to me.

The owner of Hetalia has all rights to everything ® :iconhimaruyaplz:
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